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The Matrix Gamer: Engle Matrix Games

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Chris Engle
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I'm a social worker working at Indiana University. I started playing wargames in 1976. In 1988 I created Matrix Gaming and have been working since then to spread it. I am pleased now to regularly run across ideas that I know came from my one man crusade. The meme has now passed far beyond me. This is great because I've always wanted to play - but never could because no one else did these kinds of games! Part of spreading the word on Matrix Games has been setting up a game publishing business. As of 2005 I have twenty "Engle Matrix Game" books available. I do all my own printing and book binding (hardback, glossy color covers) so as a side line I do short run book publishing. If you have a book you want 10 copies of, I can do that. Hum...what else to say? Well I'm married, I converted to Sunni Islam in the mid 90's, and my pet cat is a turd. That about covers it.